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Market Samurai Discount


Market Samurai Promo Overview

Name:  Market Samurai
Creator:  Noble Samurai
Main Focus:  Keyword Research / Niche Research
Launch Date:  2008
Regular Price:  $149
Limited Time Promo:  Now only $97. Regular Price ($149)

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One Time Payment >> Lifetime FREE Market Samurai Software Updates giving you access to new and updated tools as they evolve! Register for a free trial and  you’ll have up to 7 day to buy the full license at a reduced price of $97. You’ll receive all the details via e-mail as soon as you register.

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Market Samurai Promo

The full version of market samurai is currently built with 8 working modules.

Here are the Market Samurai Modules:

  • Rank Tracker- track your website rankings over time instantly (value: $249)
  • SEO Competition Analysis- analyse the strength of competition in any niche (value: $249)
  • Keyword Research- find the right keywords to control your niche (value: $176)
  • Domains- choose a domain that will boost your rankings in the search engines (value: $99)
  • Monetization- turn traffic into cash with instant affiliate ads, published straight to your site(value: $99)
  • Find Content- research articles, and find content to republish immediately (value: $99)
  • Publish Content- write, schedule and publish content straight to your blog (value: $99)
  • Promotion- build high-authority backlinks to improve your site rankings (value: $99)

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