Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is altering very rapidly nowadays. Google is introducing different algorithm to battle spammers and to make online search more precise and relevant for users. SEO if done appropriately will reward you handsomely by having your website gets ranking in search engine.


Keyword research has always been one of the primary 3 basics to SEO. The other 2 crucial SEO elements are link structure and on page SEO. You need to be aware of what are the golden keywords that your potential customers are using for search their query in your niche market and utilize these keywords in your SEO campaign. So, it is essential to carried out an in-depth keyword research evaluation to ensure that you’re targeting the most appropriate keywords or phrases for your niche market.

How to find long tail keyword phrases?

Getting the right long tail search terms is a hard one. In order to understand which keywords to target now (and which to pursue later on), it’s important to comprehend:

1. The search demand for a provided keyword or phrase (no point targeting keyword that no one is using online for their searching query)
2. The competitive level for these keywords (If the top 10 search results are occupied by major popular websites, the uphill struggle to outrank them can take months or even years of effort and could possibly bear little or no fruit. This is why it is necessary to do the RIGHT keyword research study.

You should go for long-tail keywords which typically include two or more keyword phrases in your keyword research campaign


When users make a search online (to browse for a particular product or service) using long-tail keywords, the chances of converting these visitors to customers are rather high. They are more likely to buy your offered service or products if what you are offering meets or solves their problems. In short, long-tail keywords have the power to apprehend the targeted visitors in the conversion cycle. Such keywords are a lot easier to be ranked in online search engine due to low competition level.

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Let’s go through an example on identifying a long tail keyword. Assuming you are targeting “coffee” as your niche market. Simply do a search on this keyword and you will be overwhelmed by its competitive level and your website will never have a chance to get rank using this keyword. If you further drill down this niche, “cappuccino espresso maker” could be a much profitable specific niche to go for. (with the right SEO, your website can stand a chance to get rank with this long tail keyword as opposed to general keyword “coffee”).

A variety of tools are readily available on the market that claim to help you in discovering the right and most targeted long-tail keywords to be used in your content. When you are searching for such a tool to uncover more long-tail keywords for your niche site, “Market Samurai”’ will certainly assist you to discover them easily.

I hope you’re not buying into the most recent hype that SEO is dead and social is the new way to get your visitors. Search Engine Optimization is far from dead. In truth, SEO is progressing into an amalgamation of strategies, including content marketing and social media optimization. It’s an undeniable fact that SEO had grown much more complicated over the years.


So with all that in mind, let’s dive into one of the most vital components in SEO 2015, that is
Keyword research study. To get this “RIGHT”, you will certainly need the right “tool” for your keyword research campaign.

How to select keywords for SEO?

Of course, you will find numerous keyword research tools online, ranging from free to paid products. But are you aware what are the essential features you should be looking for on these tools?

Features that need to be present in your keyword research TOOL includes:

Relevancy – if you target irrelevant keywords, you may not get the intended sales conversion even if your website ranks high in Google

Traffic – Understand the difference between searches and conversion traffic and how to look out for the right traffic

Competition – there are just 10 listings on the front page of Google for each keyword phrase and there are typically lots of websites contending for these 10 positions. Can your website outrank them?

Commerciality – a measure of the prospective profitability of a keyword phrase.

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With the recent changes Google had put in placed in restricting access in getting organic keyword terms for online marketers, most organic “profitable” search keywords are now not easily available for them. You will need to have a Google Adwords advertising account in order to get insight on any of Google’s exclusive information, including those “golden” organic keywords.

These are things that you need to understand since not all keywords are easy to rank for and you will certainly need to target the RIGHT golden keywords. Keyword research will enable you to find the easiest to rank for keywords so that you can get the sale conversion traffic that you had hoped for.

Search engines rely heavily on the keywords used on your website content and how you have optimized them. If you had the right keywords and optimize them in a right way, then you ought to have no problem pulling ahead of your rivals in these 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). You should use a GOOD keyword research tool that can help you discover keyword phrases that are low in competition and high in search volume.

If you possess a website, you most likely want it to be visible in the top 3 major search engines, especially in Google. To attain that goal, you will need to practise whitehat SEO in your website development.

One of an important factor that determine the success of your SEO campaign will be the “right” keyword research study. Identifying that golden nugget keywords and uses them correctly in your content marketing will certainly make a GREAT difference in your SEO success.

So, how should you do an effective keyword research?

Search Engine Keyword Tool

Well, you can go to the Google Keyword Planner and start your keyword research study and get a bunch of keyword ideas. Then you can take each term and put them individually into Google search (between quotes), to get a glimpse on just how much competitors there is. Then you can go into Yahoo Site Explorer and analyse the leading 10 sites individually and inspect their inbound and outbound backlinks. This approach will likely need you to spend few hours accomplishing it.

If time is a factor, you could go for THIS keyword research tool that can do the same tasks and in fact provides much more information that can help in your SEO campaign.

Keyword Research Tool 2015

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Market Samurai (keyword research tool) presents a keyword list together with statistics around each of these keywords. The 3 columns that it displays – Searches, SEOT and SEOC are important informations that you help you in finding and determining that golden nugget keywords.

The Searches column reveals how much searches are conduct daily for this keyword. The SEOT column provides an indicator of how much traffic a website in position # 1 might get and SEOC reveals the number of pages that contend (or rank) for this search term.

Another cool features of Market Samurai is that it permits you to input your domain and the keywords that you are trying to rank for, and tracks its positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It not merely shows where your primary page ranks, but also likewise reveals all of the posts and pages on your blog that rank for that particular keyword expression and where they rank. This helps in focusing your effort in improving these ranking posts. You’d be shocked with the number of long tail keywords that you can easily rank for with the keyword research using market samurai, even within a very competitive niche market.

As you are probably aware of ,the ability to find and study the competition level for each specific keyword phrases in your niche plays a vital role in the success of your SEO campaign. Tack this with its other features, THIS TOOL makes a lots of sense for an effective keyword research study.

Getting your website ranked well in organic search is going to be the most economical means of building your online business.Thus it’s no marvel why numerous internet marketers had been spending tons of time and effort in getting “right” in their Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) campaigns.


Keyword research and analysis for SEO

Whether you’re just starting out with SEO or it’s been a part of your web marketing approach for a while, you’re probably aware on the role that keyword research study had on the success of your SEO strategies. By identifying the golden nuggets keywords, coupled with engaging unique contents, that will make your website achieve that rocking organic presence.

One of the common pitfall that most webmasters make is that they attempt to rank mostly for generic popular terms that are supposed to increase substantially their traffic. But in almost all cases, these keywords are extremely highly competitive and they stand NO chances of making their website ranked for these keyword on page 1 of search result.

Thus, what you need is to identify low competition and highly converting keyword terms, preferably those long tail keywords using THIS TOOL.

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Once you had gathered the list of golden long tail converting keywords, look at their competitive level before putting in all your effort to have them ranked for your websites. You will have to screen through the list and focus on the keywords which are likely to attain high search volume and ranking.

I would personally focus more on “converting” keywords as the primary metric in my SEO campaigns. If I had to choose, I would rather have a lower volume keyword, with lower competitors, that converts more often, than a higher volume keyword that drives less conversions, and is more competitive.

If you’re having a hard time thinking about the keywords phrases that people are using to search for their enquiry, have a look at the relevant search terms that appear at the bottom of the page when you perform an enquiry using a root keyword. When you enter your keyword expression and scroll to the bottom of Google’s outcomes, you’ll see some results for searches phrases related to your input keyword. These keywords can spark ideas for other keywords that you can rank for as well.

In summary, a successful SEO campaign should focus both on Generic and Targeted keyword terms. Targeted keywords are normally long-tailed queries that are less popular and competitive but drive more targeted traffic to your internet sites. On the other hand, generic terms are usually shorter queries that are actually popular and competitive but drive less targeted traffic, which likely do not convert well.

It is commonly disputed about the value of keyword research study in the scope of Search Engine Optimization. Keyword research still plays a vital role in your success in executing SEO method in this modern-day day.

Why we do keyword research

Why we do keyword research?

Right keyword research study will offer you a sign of the trends in user behaviour in your niche market. It can allow you to keep updated with any shifts in user mindset and trends. This can aid in your SEO campaign as you can easily start targeting these keywords that your potential users are using to search for their enquiry before your competitors come in. By catching on early to golden nuggets keywords, you could make money from such a strategy over your rivals who are not.

Now it’s time to perform the real keyword research study with the help of this powerful keyword tool (By the way, did i mention that you can use the free trial without any payment).

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When it comes to target the right keywords, there are a variety of crucial metrics to take into consideration.

The very first metric is called “impressions”. Impressions describes the number of times a keyword term was searched for in a month. The other metric is competitors, which measures how tough the keyword will be to rank for. It will be difficult to outrank your competitors if the keywords that you are soughting for are used by many well established websites.

An organic approach to check keyword competitors is to conduct a search using Google search engine. If the return results come with lots paid ads, it implies that many marketing professionals are targeting that keyword and it will worth your effort to get that keyword ranked in your website.

It’s not always about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kinds of visitors. With the right keyword research study, you can forecast shifts in consumers demands, and target for the right products and services that your potential customers are actively looking for in internet.

If you develop pertinent, distinct content for your website with quality user experience, than you will naturally rank well for the right keywords in the search engine and those keywords will bring you the traffic that convert to sales.

To summarize, keyword research study is the secret in SEO. You will need an effective tool to make your keyword research journey and rank well in search engine.