Search engines rank websites according to the relevance of the search terms. This is where keyword research and the placement of the keywords comes into play. More often called “on-page SEO,” (the work you do on the web pages to be search engine friendly), choosing targeted keywords that are consumer driven terms will yield the best results for better quality leads.

Importance of keyword research in SEO

In order to be successful in your search engine marketing campaign and you need to do SEO keyword research. Normally, Knowing the best keywords to use in your internet marketing campaigns is crucial if you want to rank well for search terms that will drive traffic to your website. This will also allow you to add more keywords at a later date or use them again for a different project.

One method for determining which words to use is by simply searching them yourself. If your results return two pages of highly authoritative sites, it is time to find some new phrases. Especially in the beginning, you do not want to be going head to head with Wikipedia, Webmd, gov sites or any other site you would consider an authority. They have hundreds if not thousands of pages, and you are probably not ready to compete.

We all know the big keyword research tools out there. The biggest boy on the block is, of course, Google’s keyword tool. Then there are the preferred vendors of paid keyword tools that advertise the amazing things they’ll do for you. They’ll go broader, they’ll go deeper, and they’ll find hidden similar keywords that you would never have found with other tools. Did you know, though, that one of the most powerful keyword research tools is right under your nose and free?

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Another area one must avoid is something called “keyword stuffing.” Let’s say “ski jackets” gets searched a lot. Put back on the reins and be sure not to overuse these words. Many search engines will think the site is spam and the site will suffer terribly. It’s recommended to keep the keywords under three percent and to place them in important places like the meta tag, meta title, article title, first paragraph, outgoing links and image title.

To know the actual targeted keyword in present day, you need to understand the demand of a term or phrase. You need also understand the keyword difficulties. It means that if you are just at the start on the web site and competitors block the top 10 result, it becomes the uphill battle for ranking easily. At that stage, you need optimizing on keywords and need to gain more knowledge about keyword research.

Proper SEO keyword research cannot be ignored if you want your project to do well in the search engines. Take the time to find the right words and phrases and you enjoy the success you deserve.

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