Staying on top of content marketing trends and news in this ever-changing industry can be difficult. But for marketers and business leaders wanting to improve (or launch) their content marketing efforts, you will find the following information incredibly valuable.


Instead of selling the concept of content marketing and debating about what it exactly means, it’s best to have a no-nonsense approach, looking at the broader context of the use of valuable content in a systematic, relevant, engaging and continuous way. Content marketing in business and customer context, focused on offering value through great customer experiences, brand experiences, etc. Content that actually helps, makes a brand statement and leads to tangible results across the customer life cycle.

Customers appreciate consistency. Just like they like knowing who you are and what you stand for, they want to know when they can expect to see new content from you. Create a content schedule, and stick to it. This schedule might vary from channel to channel, and that’s okay. For instance, you might put out a new blog every Monday to send through your weekly customer newsletter. Then you might post Instagram images Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and new YouTube videos once a month on the 15th of the month.

If you don’t know what you hope to achieve from content marketing, you’re never going to achieve it. After narrowing your focus to a few channels (for instance, your blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram), look at your current stats and analytics, and set goals. Come up with a vision for where you want those channels to be in a year – how many followers, how much traffic, and how much interaction. Then, break down your annual goal by coming up with monthly milestones.

The idea is to create and share free, high-quality, customer-focused content that leaves your audience wanting more, and then to build anticipation for the release of a paid program or service that gives them what they’re looking for. It’s a methodology that requires customization and fine-tuning for your business, but if you adopt the strategy, it will pay off down the line.

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