Nothing special here, no hidden secrets.If your website is not having fresh quality contents for your visitor to read on, why do search engine “spiders” have to index or visit it regularly anyway?

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This leads to the important role of Online Efforts – Fresh content is the key. Whether you have a website or a blog, how important is fresh content for seo will keep your readers interested and can even help drive more traffic to your website. Updating a blog twice a week should be the minimum standard. Anything less than that, and you’re going to see little to no results.

It is also important to keep your posting unique. This is getting harder to do as more articles are submitted online every day. The authors who will benefit from article marketing are those who can find fresh ways to convey their thoughts in the articles they write.


Beside fresh new content, you will also need to focus on your website layout and navigation? A poorly designed website won’t do well no matter how good the content is. A visitor needs to feel like they know where they are and that they can find what they’re looking for so keep navigation simple and easy to follow. Don’t go crazy with banners and buttons and don’t go overboard with bold or highlighted text.

Using of right keywords in your content will certainly give your Blog a vital boost. Depending on the niche you occupy, you may have to mine quite deeply for keywords. Look for those keywords that don’t return too much competition. If they are highly competitive, then you should look to using at least 3 or 4 keywords (longtail keywords). They are more likely to be key phrases, but if there are upwards of 5000 searches per month, then they are usually good to go. It is usually a time consuming task to identify these “golden” keywords, which is why I chose to use this TOOL to help me.

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Remember, the sky’s no limit for internet marketing. You yourself are in charge of the amount of work you have to put in and the money you have to earn as a result. The more work and patience that you put into it, the more money you will get out of it. Follow the steps above, put forth the effort, and you will begin to see an increase in your website’s relevance and rise to the top of the search engines with more sales rolling in.

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