There are two things you must know if you are going to try to optimize your website for search engine results. First of all will be to acquire the skill on how to create great content that people want to read, and then optimizing that content with appropriate keywords and phrases.


Overall, both of these sound deceptively easy and while they are not rocket science it will take a little work. This is one reason many online businesses decide to hire local SEO pros to do the heavy lifting for them. But if you do not have a “deep” pocket, you ought to do this yourself, right?

It is extremely important to use SEO keywords so that your website is easy to find in the search engines. Using SEO keywords on your web pages in the right way is essential if your website is to show up in the search results when someone uses these words in a Google search. But first, you’ve got to know how to create a list of the right words to target.

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So this brings to the topic on keyword research. This plays an essential role in search engine optimization. This process is all about finding the keywords and key phrases that make the most sense for your business and using them in a way that drives qualified traffic to your website. Keywords are the terms that Internet users type into a search engine. Using the right keywords will help your website rank above its competitors.

How many keywords can be considered enough? It depends on the number of web pages contained in your website. I often use just one or two keywords. After you have written down all the phrases you can think of, head on over to your favorite search engine. Pop in a keyword and search through the results list for websites that focus on the same or similar topic as your project. Analyze their site for keywords they are using and add them to your list. As this is really a very time consuming task, I had make use of this TOOL to do the job for me.

Also within the body of your post, you may want to use your best keywords as text links. You can link to other articles on your site. Or you can link to other authority sites. Google smiles on internal and external links in keyword rich pages

Proper SEO keyword research cannot be ignored if you want your project to do well in the search engines. Take the time to find the right words and phrases and you enjoy the success you deserve.

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