No doubt content is the king but I should say that the keywords are those who make the content King. The right and targeted keywords for your content are not more than a backbone for your seo strategy You have to choose the most suitable and relative keywords for your content. And when you get your targeted keywords then the next step is the keyword placement in content.


Many of the niche bloggers and webmasters are into niche blogging and they are dominating the web, while newbie don’t even able to hit the 1st page of Google, and the reason is that they don’t know how to do Keyword Research and find profitable, less competitive and enough searched keyword.

Keywords are the one which can give you top positions in search engines and ultimately to increase your site traffic. You have to choose the right keyword for your content.

Most of the bloggers use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research but to check competition among those keywords some of them use to check Google 1st page while other use SEOQuake Chrome extension to analyze the sites which are ranking on the 1st page. While some of use use Long Tail Keyword Pro which is really a great tool which helps in getting some money making keywords, but it didn’t provide enough idea so that one can also get some idea about competition you have to face. For me, I make use of this TOOL.

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I would strongly recommend that you should try to focus more on long tail keywords. This is because users that search for the long tail keywords are more likely to make a purchase. For example, somebody searching for bicycles (a short tail keyword) could be researching the history of the bicycle. An online bicycle store may receive more traffic by targeting this keyword, but end up with a lower conversion rate.

Market Samurai is a versatile software program that allows user to research keywords, backlinks, and even the rankings of potential domain names for your site. It also comes with a marketing strategy guide for beginners. They also have a “dojo” on their website that contains a bunch of useful articles and guides. Like Wordtracker, Market Samurai isn’t free. But at $149 for a lifetime subscription, it‘s cheaper than WordTracker in the long run.

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