Finding active keywords to grow your business will have a direct effect on your business. One way to go would be to conduct the research on your own. To begin, you need to choose words that are valid and search from the opinion of your customers. You should also look at the keywords that your competitors are using as well. Check their websites for even more keywords.

keyword research

To learn how to research keywords you will need to use a keyword research tool. These tools are available for free and there are also tools you can purchase. You will punch your keyword into the tool and it will give you statistics back. It will tell you how often the term is searched. It will also give you alternate ways of saying your word or phrase and give you stats for those phrases as well. Keep in mind that you want to target a ‘niche’ with your keyword. What this means is that you should target a very specific term as opposed to a very general term. For example: ‘weight loss’ is very broad. Some thing like ‘weight loss for your wedding day’ will be a lot more specific. What does it matter you ask? Because of the competition you will be up against.

Do not try to get keywords that are too competitive. Whether you are using AdWords, article marketing, or search engine optimization, do not go for keywords that are super competitive. Instead, try to find those hidden gems, which are words that are searched often but have little competition. Remember, there is an infinite number of combinations of keywords, so just keep experimenting until you find something that works for you. As for me, i make use of this TOOL to do the job for me 🙂

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Now you have researched the keyword you want and you have checked the competition of that word. Next you must decide how you want to present it to the world. Let’s say you decide that you will use article marketing as your direction. When you write your article there are certain criteria you must follow. First you must optimize the keyword you just did all the research on. The standard is to use that word or phrase 2-3% density. This will get your article seen, but will not look spammy. Google doesn’t like spammy and it will not rate your page. Also do not put any self serving links in your article. Save that for your bio box at the end.


Google and other search engines will often rank higher for properly optimized websites. By choosing the correct keywords and implementing link building strategies, your site will rank higher in Google. Remember, getting on the first page of Google can help you get more traffic. And more traffic, means new potential customers.

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