You could rank at the top of Google for 1000 terms, but if no one searches them, or if they don’t convert then who cares? The only person who cares about that will be you when you notice your return on investment is nil. If you are serious about tapping into the massive power and traffic of Google, then you need to make sure you do your keyword research for seo research.

How to do keyword research the smart way targeting interest and intent

Google’s Adwords tool is great for this, that is, finding profitable keywords. When you type a keyword into the box and press Enter, you’ll end up with a whole list of keywords that are related to the one that you typed in. You’ll also get a whole list of other keywords that might work for you. You’ll see little bars under the heading of Advertiser Competition. Pick one or two words whose bars are less than half green. Those are the words that have less competition that the ones whose bars are mostly green.

Now you will want to value the keywords you have come up with, just how important are they to your website. One method for determining which words to use is by simply searching them yourself. If your results return two pages of highly authoritative sites, it is time to find some new phrases. Especially in the beginning, you do not want to be going head to head with Wikipedia, Webmd, gov sites or any other site you would consider an authority. They have hundreds if not thousands of pages, and you are probably not ready to compete.

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Use the keywords on the pages of your website. The next step is to take the keywords you’ve chosen and put them on your website. This is so that when the search engines visit your page they will know what your page is all about. A good idea is to mention the keywords, or a variation of them on the page with a frequency of about 3-5%. That’s enough to give the search engines an idea of your site’s topic.

There you have it folks. These are the basic search engine optimization tactics you can apply for your business and website promotion online. Just remember to target your keywords specifically, redesign your website- which should be presentable and keyword-rich and most of all mix and match search engines techniques to be able to see which ones are effective to your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Remember, keyword research is one of the most important SEO tasks that you will undertake, so be careful that you don’t give it short shrift. And if you’re really serious about SEO, then consider consulting with marketing experts in this FREE Forum to discuss the keyword research that you’ve done and to get pointers on optimizing your pages around your chosen keywords.

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