Keyword research is an important part of SEO, and it is the basis of a successful marketing campaign. Knowing how to choose your keywords is essential to getting your message across and promoting your content, product, or services. Whether you’re looking to increase traffic or conversions, this is where you start.

Knowing how users search in Google is great, especially with Keyword Suggest (interesting feature with Google) that allows you to use some characters before your target niche keyword to generate much more keywords idea.

When looking for new keyword ideas in Google’s Keyword Planner, its suggestions can often deviate from your original query. This is where you need alternative tool which is able to offer a more expansive set of keywords that closely relate to your initial term(s). Another handy feature that would be required will be the SOC column, which gives you an indication as to how competitive each keyword is and, ultimately, what terms are worth pursuing.

Since keyword research is pillar of any online marketing, you should be careful while selecting the right target keywords. I prefer to use Google Adwords, Webmaster search analytics, ubersuggest and Market Samurai for my marketing website. For content marketing I use Quora, Twitter trends, twitter search, google trends so that i can find latest topic on my niche market industry and write something unique so that it will get more share and more visits.

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My approach will be to focus on the keywords that I do have visibility into, and let the conversion data (revenue) drive my targeting decisions. The chances are if you have a term that is converting really well, you will hopefully have at least some provided conversion data so it’s on your radar. Once you start tracking a new term that is performing well, even if you can’t see all of the conversions the keyword is generating, at least you can adjust your budget to make sure is producing a positive ROI.

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