Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is altering very rapidly nowadays. Google is introducing different algorithm to battle spammers and to make online search more precise and relevant for users. SEO if done appropriately will reward you handsomely by having your website gets ranking in search engine.


Keyword research has always been one of the primary 3 basics to SEO. The other 2 crucial SEO elements are link structure and on page SEO. You need to be aware of what are the golden keywords that your potential customers are using for search their query in your niche market and utilize these keywords in your SEO campaign. So, it is essential to carried out an in-depth keyword research evaluation to ensure that you’re targeting the most appropriate keywords or phrases for your niche market.

How to find long tail keyword phrases?

Getting the right long tail search terms is a hard one. In order to understand which keywords to target now (and which to pursue later on), it’s important to comprehend:

1. The search demand for a provided keyword or phrase (no point targeting keyword that no one is using online for their searching query)
2. The competitive level for these keywords (If the top 10 search results are occupied by major popular websites, the uphill struggle to outrank them can take months or even years of effort and could possibly bear little or no fruit. This is why it is necessary to do the RIGHT keyword research study.

You should go for long-tail keywords which typically include two or more keyword phrases in your keyword research campaign


When users make a search online (to browse for a particular product or service) using long-tail keywords, the chances of converting these visitors to customers are rather high. They are more likely to buy your offered service or products if what you are offering meets or solves their problems. In short, long-tail keywords have the power to apprehend the targeted visitors in the conversion cycle. Such keywords are a lot easier to be ranked in online search engine due to low competition level.

Market Samurai Price Decreases

Let’s go through an example on identifying a long tail keyword. Assuming you are targeting “coffee” as your niche market. Simply do a search on this keyword and you will be overwhelmed by its competitive level and your website will never have a chance to get rank using this keyword. If you further drill down this niche, “cappuccino espresso maker” could be a much profitable specific niche to go for. (with the right SEO, your website can stand a chance to get rank with this long tail keyword as opposed to general keyword “coffee”).

A variety of tools are readily available on the market that claim to help you in discovering the right and most targeted long-tail keywords to be used in your content. When you are searching for such a tool to uncover more long-tail keywords for your niche site, “Market Samurai”’ will certainly assist you to discover them easily.

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