How do you discover the right potential keywords to be used on your website to target your customers traffic? Are they working well and achieve what you had hoped for?

How to find long tail keywords for SEO

Most of the time, we tend to go for those popular keywords that had high search volume and widely used by most BIG popular websites. BUT… are you able to outrank them and have your website ranked “infront” of them in the search engines?

If you have been targeting these keywords, on the hope of getting traffic to your website, you maybe on the wrong move.

Why? Simply because your website wouldn’t be display on the 1st page of the search result, and no visitors will be visiting your website no matter how unique and engaging your content is going to be.

Yes, I do agree that search volume (average monthly searches) plays a critical factor in determining your potential keywords BUT it will only be useful if the competition level is acceptable, that is, you are able to outrank your competitors.

What you SHOULD go for is “long-tail keyword phrases”. Any phrases that comes with 3 or more keywords can be considered long tail keyword. They tend to target users who are more likely to convert into sales and these long tails keywords can get ranked more easily (less competition)

How to find long tail keywords for SEO?

When you are able to identify the RIGHT long tails keywords (I use the THIS tool ) for your niche market, it’s time to dip into blog content optimization.

Search Engine Keyword Tool

Blog optimization evolves on identify the golden long tails keywords, integrate them in your content generation (avoid keyword stuffing) and makes use of appropriate images to attract your viewer attention. Viewers aren’t going to hang around your blog unless it offers what they are search for. So, even with the golden long tail keywords, you will also need engaging informative content to keep your viewer from coming back (this will drive up your organic traffic).

Get yourself a copy of Market Samurai (which is FREE for trial), invest a few moments doing some long tails keyword analysis using it and uncover its compelling features. Don’t take my word for it, give it a shot from HERE!

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