Many times all newbies forget about Keyword researching.I’ll say that first choose a good keyword to your blog or site by using Google keyword researching tool then start blogging or run your site. Everything is depend on keyword research because if you choose a bad keyword to your blog then you should not get success. So, this is an extremely important step.

Keyword research is all about figuring out what people want and how they are asking for it so that you can be in the right place at the right time with the right content. The last part of that equation “having the right content” is really critical. You want to use keyword research to identify need and drive traffic. But, as mentioned, driving traffic to poor content won’t result in a win for anyone. So your content ought to be informative and resolve your readers enquires.

keyword research

How do you get “seed” keywords? For me, I make use of free tool known as Ubersuggest. When using Ubersuggest if you use the little green plus signs you can build a list of relevant keywords in the right sidebar and then click the ‘get button’ which will render a modal that you can copy and paste from, very simple. I always first dump keywords into the tool from HERE to get relative exact local search volume.

I usually focus on the keywords that I do have visibility into, and let the conversion data (revenue) drive my targeting decisions. The chances are if you have a term that is converting really well you will hopefully have at least some provided conversion data so it’s on your radar. Once you start tracking a new term that is performing well, even if you can’t see all of the conversions the keyword is generating, at least you can adjust your budget to make sure is producing a positive ROI.

While keyword selection is extremely important in SEO and to achieve better results in search engine rankings, one must also consider including good quality content to get website traffic. Additionally, selecting the right keywords can be a challenging task as search trends change. As an example, if you look at keywords related to women’s clothing, while the article of clothing may be hot one month, it may fade out in the coming months , this goes the same goes for keywords.

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