For certain online strategies, performing proper keyword research will give you a ‘leg up’ on your competition when it comes to getting traffic to your website. Optimizing your content with the right keywords can bring you a steady of traffic for a long time while optimizing your content for the wrong keywords will ultimately result in being a waste of your time.

Keyword research SEO tool

When I first started writing articles, I remember writing an article, then submitting it to an article directory and I thought, OK, here comes the traffic! Boy was I wrong! After weeks of the article being submitted, I would see how many views I had received and it wasn’t many. This is when I started learning more about what is keyword research and why it is important to make your articles visible in search engines and your readers.

A keyword is simply this: a word or words that is typed in a search engine and as a result of pressing enter, a result of relevant information appears. When people type a keyword into a search engine, they are simply looking for some answers or maybe even doing some research on a particular topic.


SEO writing should always start with this (keyword research). It’s important that you know the exact keywords or keyphrases that are constantly being searched for by your potential readers on search engines. This will give you an idea as to what kind of information they’re looking for. You will need to use these keywords all throughout your articles to make them search engine-friendly. Let me just tell you that the best, most profitable keywords to target are those that are not overly competitive and those that contain at least 3 words.

I like to focus on finding long tailed keyword phrases that have a significant number of monthly searches for that exact term with 5,000 to 300,000 competing websites. Long tailed keywords, are multi-word keyword phrases. Most folks searching with a one or two keyword are just “browsing”. Most people who use long tail keywords know what they want. Remember, you want to focus each page on 2-3 keyword phrases.

You can conduct an effective keyword research manually but it may be a time taking process. In this fast moving world, it would be better to run a keyword software and do effective keyword research. Over the years, I’ve used so many keyword research tools, but recently I had a chance to use THIS TOOL. Indeed it’s a very user friendly keyword research seo software. It has enabled me to create a list of 10000 keywords. You can manually do research on just 10 keywords, but with this software, I was able to conduct research on 10000 keywords.

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