If you possess a website, you most likely want it to be visible in the top 3 major search engines, especially in Google. To attain that goal, you will need to practise whitehat SEO in your website development.

One of an important factor that determine the success of your SEO campaign will be the “right” keyword research study. Identifying that golden nugget keywords and uses them correctly in your content marketing will certainly make a GREAT difference in your SEO success.

So, how should you do an effective keyword research?

Search Engine Keyword Tool

Well, you can go to the Google Keyword Planner and start your keyword research study and get a bunch of keyword ideas. Then you can take each term and put them individually into Google search (between quotes), to get a glimpse on just how much competitors there is. Then you can go into Yahoo Site Explorer and analyse the leading 10 sites individually and inspect their inbound and outbound backlinks. This approach will likely need you to spend few hours accomplishing it.

If time is a factor, you could go for THIS keyword research tool that can do the same tasks and in fact provides much more information that can help in your SEO campaign.

Keyword Research Tool 2015

Market Samurai Price Decreases

Market Samurai (keyword research tool) presents a keyword list together with statistics around each of these keywords. The 3 columns that it displays – Searches, SEOT and SEOC are important informations that you help you in finding and determining that golden nugget keywords.

The Searches column reveals how much searches are conduct daily for this keyword. The SEOT column provides an indicator of how much traffic a website in position # 1 might get and SEOC reveals the number of pages that contend (or rank) for this search term.

Another cool features of Market Samurai is that it permits you to input your domain and the keywords that you are trying to rank for, and tracks its positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It not merely shows where your primary page ranks, but also likewise reveals all of the posts and pages on your blog that rank for that particular keyword expression and where they rank. This helps in focusing your effort in improving these ranking posts. You’d be shocked with the number of long tail keywords that you can easily rank for with the keyword research using market samurai, even within a very competitive niche market.

As you are probably aware of ,the ability to find and study the competition level for each specific keyword phrases in your niche plays a vital role in the success of your SEO campaign. Tack this with its other features, THIS TOOL makes a lots of sense for an effective keyword research study.

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