Ever since the launch of google panda and penguin, many webmasters have actually whined about the lack of keyword information from Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Analytics.

google panda

While Google’s tools are still a great mean to find high traffic keywords, long tail keyword information has actually ended up being harder to discover. And many search traffic to a web site originates from long tail keywords.

Lots of blog writers and marketing professionals might be looking at producing high quality contents for readers in order for their web sites to rank high in the search engines. While this may be true is some way, but by overlooking keyword information, you are leaving a great deal of traffic on the table.

You will need to generate keyword target content in order to increase the web traffic to your blog. Thus, google keyword planner and market samurai tool will still be the essential keyword research tool that you will need for your success.

Google’s Tools

Although Google Keyword Planner offers less information as compared previously, there are still a couple of functions that make it worth utilizing. In reality, Google and market samurai are still the top place I go to when I have to do keyword research study.

1. Google Planner’s Keyword Volume Data Originates from Google

Even if the volume information isn’t really 100 % precise, it is still respectable as a whole. You need to keep in mind that Google’s Keyword Planner is primarily planned to assist Adwords marketers in investing cash effectively when acquiring advertisements from Google.

Therefore, it is in Google’s benefit to supply beneficial information to these Adwords users. For Search Engine Optimization’s, this suggests that we can still make use of the information to research greater traffic keywords that are more probable to send out natural traffic if we succeed in our optimization efforts.

2. Shows Important Cash Keywords

Google got rid of a great deal of long tail keywords from their keyword device to streamline it for Adwords users. Bidding on low volume long tail keywords is a wild-goose chase and resources when it concerns Adwords marketing.

As an outcome, Keyword Planner is now an effective tool to utilize if you wish to discover greater volume keywords that marketers are investing cash on. For Search Engine Optimization and content advertising, these are typically the primary terms you will certainly wish to target with on your Search Engine Optimization campaign. As for looking for long tail keyword, I will be using market samurai tool which comes with free trial at no additional cost.

3. Google Analytics Still Shows Some Crucial Keywords

Although many keywords will certainly be shown as “not offered”, Google Analytics does still reveal a few of the most crucial keywords that are sending you traffic in addition to which pages on your websites that are ranking well.

Armed with these information, you can take the advantage of improving the material on the pages that are currently getting high traffic. Google Webmaster Tools supplies a broader wide range of keywords than Analytics if you wish to get even more information from your existing material.

Based upon the above factors, it seems to be a good starting point to make use of Google’s tool to begin your SEO campaign. However, do keep in mind that you’ll lose out on a great deal of traffic if you do not research study long tail keywords.

Keyword Tool For Your Website

Market Samurai how much does it cost

While you cannot count on Google for all your keyword research study requirement, there are lots of other alternative tools that you can utilize to obtain more keywords, specifically those long tail keywords that can convert well. It is necessary to dig much deeper and get long tail keywords that you can integrate into your material, because over 90 % of search traffic originates from these keywords. For me, this TOOL certainly works well. How about you?

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