For those who are using blog or article as a way for online marketing, having a right search engine keyword tool can really make a difference between a succeeding or failing campaign. You will need a right and powerful search engine keyword tool that could furnish you with the “low hanging” keywords that are easily target.

Search Engine Keyword Tool – Finding “low hanging” keywords

Market Samurai is a popular keyword analysis tool that not only gives you an in-depth analysis of your intended keyword phrases and possibly their competition level as well. With these specific information on hand, you can definitely make a wise decision as to whether these keywords are worthwhile for you to concentrate your SEO efforts on.

It lets you do this by providing you the ability to view in details the popularity and profitability of your focused keyword, such as the range of the price competition you are going to face should you optimize your posts just for that keyword. It could also track your rankings on your intended keywords, display available domain names and much more. It’s in fact an extremely effective, and powerful tool for locating profitable keywords.

Search Engine Keyword Tool


Market Samurai uses the following four fantastic rules listed below in locating those “gold nugget” keywords:

1. Relevancy
2. Traffic
3. Competition
4. Commerciality

The above four rules could easily determine the success of your website. The software works well for advance or beginner users in internet marketing. The software program also includes some significant features that lots of clients truly satisfied:

1. Rank tracker – allow you to monitor the rankings of your own keywords
2. Monitization- show you ways to monetize your blog after you get sufficient traffic
3. Free content- allow you to take a peep into variety of content that are’popular’ in your niche market at present
4. Promotions- find great places that you could place your links

The software is currently priced at $149 that accompanies with a test period of 10 days. If you purchase the software before the trial period finishes, you will obtain a 35% discount off the regular price, that is, you will pay only $97. If you are looking for an application which will guide you to built up “target”visitors to your blog, then Market Samurai is likely to be what you look for for. For a single payment of $97, it’s really a worthwhile investment that may possibly create a massive difference into your business for a long time.

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