SEO can help content perform better via seeding the content to the most fitting sources, thereby acquiring social signals, backlinks from other blogs and websites who talk about the same topics. This, in the long run, will help your content to reach higher rankings in the search engine results and thereby also much more reach and traffic to your website.


One of the way you can do is by trying to answer the questions of your customers (i.e. a dentist and someone searching for the best price for braces). By answering those questions, you can expand to keywords that bring in leads. That’s why content is something that’s really important that all companies should focus on. Making new content and different infographics helps acquire more links, which is great for SEO.

Of course, targeting the right keywords in your contents make a great difference in the success of your online marketing. When you don’t use keywords wisely on content pieces, your articles won’t get rank and your readers would not be able to find them in their search result. Remember, content pieces can, because of their potential to earn links, and social signals, and user and usage data signals, have primary impacts on your rankings.

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If you can build a system that says makes people visit one or two of your blog posts at least once per day, or watch a video from you, or share your viral piece of content that you’ve created, then you can truly track the impact of this in your online marketing record.

Personally, I consider that Content Marketing main purpose is as a thought of leadership. The more you engage your audience (both buyer and audience), the more you impress it with your content and the more you are able to empathically resonate with it. In this approach, you will be able to create a memorable brand to which your audience will refer for products, knowledge and advice in your target niche.

I would say that understanding the buyer’s journey from origination to conversion and how content marketing influences is so important to get the complete customer context. You too, could get more insight on these right from HERE. Did I mentioned that it’s FREE training?

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