Forget everything you used to know about SEO. The technical tricks used by search engine optimizers back in the day were opportunistic at best, downright shady at worst. But thanks to advancements in Google’s algorithm over the past few years, the veil between SEO and content has officially fallen. SEO may be the future of content marketing, but at the same time, content marketing is the future of SEO.


In the early days of SEO, the goal was to achieve exact keyword matching. This meant that the page we wanted people to find was perfectly tuned to show up in the search results when someone searched for that phrase. If you searched for exact keyword match, you would find pages that used that phrase exactly as written. Not anymore. Now, you will find pages that discuss the general topic of exact keyword matching.

It’s true that content is the best way to brand yourself on the internet as it pays you in the long run and you don’t have to worry about penalties/algorithm changes by search engines. You can use infographics, articles and videos to convince visitors that you really know what you are talking about. By writing case studies, discussing ideas and myths (like on Moz) you are engaging the visitor and building their trust in yourself which in turn will help in conversions at a later time.

content is king

The good news for content creators like you is that it has changed in your favor. Google now rewards content marketing over spammers and link-building tricks. It’s a victory for good content and a loss for tactics of questionable nature.

Invest in great content, be creative and engage the users. Instead I see so many businesses hiring cheap content services, poorly written cheap content, even software generated content, all the while expecting to get profitable results. It makes me nauseous and I’m glad Google is finally laying the smack down on this epidemic of crap.

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